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Anonymous asked:

I'd like it running with the 'haunt me'! It'll be such a nice series then! :D

very well then here you go:

(please excuse any mistakes I don’t reread my work)

 Sebastian rushed down the street, heart pounding, blood pumping. Leave it to Jim to get caught up again. It was nothing new: Jim tries to take care of something on his own, leaving Seb completely out of the loop and then suddenly he’s caught tied to a chair or tortured and then it’s Sebastian to the rescue once more. Sometimes Seb could swear he did it on purpose. 

He rounded the corner, the warehouses popping into view. He counted three across as he continued making his way toward them. He pulled the pistol from it’s holster at his side as he kicked the door open. 

He raised the weapon and in quick succession fired three times; taking down a man with each. He made for the stairs. The security feed he managed to hack place Jim on the second floor.

He went from room to room, killing without hesitation until he found his employer. Bloodied and on the floor. “Boss?!”  He rushed for him. “You alright?” He asked as he helped the man to sit up.
Jim groaned as his hand went to his cracked head. “Fine… Fuck Sebastian… You could have come a bit sooner. What the hell am I paying you for?!” Sebastian couldn’t help a grin. He would take that as a yes. He helped the man to his feet slowly.

Suddenly Jim tensed his gaze shifting downward to the small red dot that shifted on his chest, just above his heart. Sebastian’s eyes followed before he glanced out the window, toward it’s source. He didn’t even have time to consider what he was doing before he stepped in front of the man.

The round pierced his chest, puncturing a lung before it shattered against bone. Seb cursed at the pain before sinking to a knee. Jim bent over him, winning a shove from the injured man. “Get down, you sodding idiot!” Sebastian snapped, pushing himself to the side as well. It was becoming harder to breathe by the minute, his lungs filling with liquid.
"Seb… ‘Bastian; You /will not/ die on me." Jim ordered with a glare. "Do you understand?! That’s a fucking order Moran!" He yelled.
Sebastian pressed his hand against the wound as his head tilted back against the wall in pain, trying to stop the bleeding. He couldn’t help but give a small chuckle; the sound a bit gurgled from his impending doom. “Only you would try to order death about.” He teased through his grimace.

"Fuck you, ‘Bastian; do as I say." The man snapped. Seb tried to breathe deeply but the sound was rattled. The pain was subsiding now, filling him with a dull sense of cold.
"Sorry, Boss, for once I don’t think I can follow your orders." He managed his eyes becoming unfocused. Jim began to beat on the man’s chest angrily screaming at him, but the words didn’t seem to reach Seb’s ears… In fact… everything was silent. The room faded away slowly… The only thing filling Sebastian’s vision was the tear stained face of the man that hunched over him.
Sebastian couldn’t help but smile slowly as a hand caressed the man’s face, smearing blood along his cheek. Absently Sebastian wondered who the hand belonged to… was it his own hand?Either way it was a love shade of red… It brought out the sadness in his lover’s eyes. The thought made Seb want to laugh… but for some reason he knew he couldn’t… knew that there was no more laughing… He stared up at the man for what seemed like eternity; considering how angelic his face seemed, even smeared with his blood. Slowly… even that faded. 

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